The School of Rock & Sand
Strategic Thinking that Unleashes Explosive Growth

Founded by Author and Strategy Coach Michael Synk: This high-level program offers tailored coaching and online courses for executives and teams of mid-market organizations.

what is the school of rock & sand?

About the Online Program

The School of Rock & Sand is an online school for executives, providing classes that introduce research-based ideas from proven business thought leaders and translates them into the world you live as a leader of a mid-market or small market organization.

The program focuses on Strategic Thinking, Leadership, Talent Development, Profitability, Customer Engagement, Teamwork, and Systems Thinking.

Classes help you think through the complexities you face as a business owner or executive and provide practical tools and instructions you can use with your team to accelerate your operational efficiency and growth.

key business concepts taught in the courses

Online Program Core

Strategic Thinking
Execution Planning
Customer Dynamics
Talent  Development
Cash Management

Systems Thinking

Testimonials from School Participants

“After trying to self-implement EOS for several years, we are finally getting some immediate momentum and team buy-in. With EOS, I felt like I was making a list of what I wanted to happen – then trying to delegate those items to others. With Rock & Sand, the whole team is getting educated through the videos, while I am being coached on how to facilitate the conversations.”  — Joe Bottani IV, Partner, Arch Brokerage

“Working with Michael is like hanging out with an old friend who wants nothing but the best for you. He brings a wealth of experience and strategic thinking to our sessions, with a clear methodology for making progress. The best part is his flexibility and range, he provides sage advice on just about any issue I face.”  — Mike Minkler, President, CMIT Solutions

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Ways to Engage the Rock & Sand Online School Curriculum

the entire school of rock & sand on demand!

Monthly Subscription

The ful "Rock & Sand" curriculum is available at any time on-demand with your monthly subscription. All 10 courses listed here are included plus all new ones as they are added.

 This complete set of classes, covering the many complexities you and your leadership team face, provides to great long term value for a reasonable investment.

Courses can be purchased individually and include six months of continual on-demand access.

Monthly Subscription Price:
$200 first payment | $200/month thereafter

(Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time).

the school of rock & sand is based on the book: "rock & sand: A practical insight to business growth" by michael synk

Purchase courses individually

Included in the Subscription or Purchase Courses Individually

Instant access to all of the courses below are included in the monthly subscription. They can also be purchased individually.

1.) The Rock & Sand Model
Overview/Introduction of the Rock & Sand Model and how it works. 
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2.) The Rock & Sand Model Master Class
Master the Process and Create a Great Strategic Plan
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3.) Teamwork Dynamics
Be a Better Teammate and a Better Team
View Course Details

4.) Leadership 1, 2, 3
The Essential Steps Needed to Lead Others Effectively
View Course Details

5.) Talent Development = Growth
Methods and Tools for Getting the Right Talents
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6.) Cash Is King
How to Improve Your Cash Flow and Turn Your Balance Sheet Into A Fortress
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7.) The Buy and Stay Cycle
How Customers Decide to Buy and Stay
View Course Details

8.) Mapping Your Future
Four maps every CEO/Owner Should Draw to Discover New Opportunities for Growth
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9.) Critical Numbers: Two Ways They Work
Why They Work and How You Should Use Them
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10.) Core Customer and Brand Promise
Connected at the Hip, They Define Your Strategy
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More Testimonials from School Participants

“This is exactly what I needed as an entrepreneurial business owner.

I’m more confident about the direction we’re headed, We have alignment; we are all rowing in the same direction. Our meetings have become more efficient because we aren’t focused on trivial things.  We also aren’t trying to ‘boil the ocean”’ and instead we are working on the highest priority items first – our rocks!” — Mike Minkler, President, CMIT Solutions

“We engaged Michael over two years ago to help us reinvent ourselves. Our business, though profitable, lacked the focus and vision to get to the next level. We felt like we were spinning our wheels and just running in place. With Michael’s help, we came up with long- and short-term goals, we identified the tasks that would lead to our goals, and started holding ourselves accountable to perform those tasks. Hiring Michael was the best decision that I have made in years.” — David George, Partner, Mills Wilson George

“We have seen dramatic improvements in employee engagement, execution, cash management, and strategic alignment. The ROI on the investment is through the roof.”   — Cody Hopkins, general manager, Grass Roots Farmer’s Cooperative

“Strategy is good, and execution is good, but operating without putting the two together can be a disaster for your business. Michael has a very practical tool in his book Rock & Sand that ties the two together perfectly. Rock and Sand explains and illustrates the ideas and processes that will help your business identify top goals, set a strategy to achieve them, and execute on them successfully."
 — Kevin Hommel, Founder, The Executive Bench

“Although there are many similar programs, Rock & Sand is much clearer, less complicated, and much more easily implemented. It takes a logical approach that makes sense.”
Annette Rondos-Pitera, The Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce

about the author and creator of the school of rock & sand

Michael Synk

Michael is the author of two books, “How to Create Customers as Loyal as Norm Peterson” and “Rock & Sand: A Practical Insight to Business Growth.” Before dedicating his life to helping CEOs and executives, he held numerous leadership positions at top US companies.

Interested in working with Michael one-on one or not sure which program is right for you?