Rock & Sand Master Class: Creating A Great Strategic Plan

The School of Rock & Sand is an online business school for executives that takes proven, research-backed, duplicatable ideas and strategies and provides the clarity needed to implement them successfully in your own business and organizations.

master the process + Create a great strategic plan

Online Course: The Rock and Sand Model Master Class

Create a Great Strategic Plan that you will actually execute. All the concepts, all the tools, fully explained. The end product will be a well-honed Baseline Growth Roadmap that you can start following the day it's done.

Individual Course Price: $600.00 for instant access; or
Included with Monthly Subscription: $400 first payment | $200/month thereafter

(Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time)

Course Modules


Welcome to the Rock & Sand Master Class

Welcome to the Rock & Sand Master Class.  This module will give you some things to think about before embarking on creating Baseline Growth Roadmap using the Rock & Sand Model.

    Understanding what "Strategic Thinking" Really Is
    Setting Up a Welcoming Environment for the team you will be leading               through this class
    Being Flexible with the Process and Order of the Modules
    Realize that You'll Need a Coach to get the Best Outcome
    The Basic Format of each Module

Overview of the Rock & Sand Model

This module presents the complete picture of the Rock & Sand Model so you can see how all parts of the model fit together to bridge the gap between strategy and execution.   And how it all fits into the Baseline Growth Roadmap.  This works well for both preparation for the rest of the course, and as and agenda for the creation of your plan.  

This is your starting point. 

Core Purpose: The Reason Your Organization Exists

Core Customer & Brand Promise: Connected at the Hip, Together they Define Your Strategy

Bonus Module: Core Strengths

BHAG and the Profit/X That Drives It

Key Targets (3HAG) and Key Thrusts (Bridges to the Future)

Critical Numbers: Two Ways They Work--Why and How

Annual Initiatives and Quarterly Rocks: Where the “Rubber Meets the Road” in Your Strategic Plan. TRACTION!

Meetings Move the Rocks I

Meetings Move the Rocks II