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Founded by Author and Strategy Coach Michael Synk: This high-level program offers tailored coaching and online courses for executives and teams of mid-market organizations.

Next Steps

Below are some suggested follow-up actions to take:


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be a better teammate + a better team

Team Work Dynamics

Teamwork isn't only about the leader, it's about the members of the team.  Different types of teams require different ways of engaging, growing, and building trust. Become a better teammate and in doing so build a better team.

More Suggested Steps


Download the print version of Ideal Team player Self-Assessment and share it with your team. 

A suggested exercise is to have each member of your team take the assessment and identify a single virtue/area they are going to work on to help improve themselves as a team member thereby improving the team as a whole.

Download the assessment here.


Book a complimentary consultation with author and coach Michael Synk to discuss challenges your organization is facing and possible strategies to cure.

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Watch Part One of the Five Part Rock & Sand Model Workshop as originally aired on PBS to learn more about this Model of Strategic Thinking and Why It Matters.

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