First Result: Humility

Here is your test result for the first virtue of Humility.

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Humble: Ideal team players are humble. They lack excessive ego or concerns about status. Humble people are quick to point out the contributions of others and slow to seek attention for their own. They share credit, emphasize team over self and define success collectively rather than individually.

Scoring: The purpose of the assessment it to help explore and assess how well you embody the three virtues of an ideal team player. The standards for “ideal” are high. An ideal team player would have very few of the statements rated lower than a ‘3’

A total score of 17-18 for a virtue indicates that this is a potential strength.

A total score of 14-16 for a virtue indicates that you most likely have some work to do to become an ideal team player.

A total score of 13 or less for a virtue indicates that improvement is needed to become an ideal team player.